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Welcome to our wicked adventure blog! My name is Crystal Frankenbery. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer based out of Seattle, WA currently traveling the world with Photographer, Don Henson

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Where We Have Been - Travelogue

The best adventures are sometimes the ones that surprise you. In the Summer of 2017, Don came home from the Vans Warped Tour and we immediately went on a 16 mile backpacking trip. (Surprise babe!) He got back at me by booking us a cruise the Caribbean for our birthdays–which we share! We're ringing in the New Year in Europe, working abroad in Paris first and following our wandering souls to wherever there is wifi! Follow along as we share and learn by subscribing to our channel on YouTube!

Coming Soon - Travel Guides for each of the places we've explored! For now you will just have to enjoy the slideshow :)


How We Met

Short of it: We met at a local dive in 2015 through mutual friends and exchanged numbers–but it took two years, one Facebook post, and a strong desire to escape half way around the world to connect. Don was traveling solo in Southeast Asia and I clearly needed an excuse to drop everything in Seattle and meet him in Thailand. So that's exactly what we did!

After traveling together for two weeks, we left each other to explore other countries on our own. (Don went to Iceland to shoot the Northern Lights while I flew to Nepal to hike to Everest Base Camp) We met back up in California and the rest fell into place.

Every time I see his photos I think I swoon a little more. He inspires my design and together we have done amazing collaboration work. We challenge each other creatively and mentally. We both can work remote and live wherever there is WiFi. We have our own obstacles to overcome, but together we shall. 

We know– It seems too good to be true. We think so too!

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The Blog
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Hiking to Grinnell Glacier Twice in Glacier National Park

Hiking Grinnell Glacier... Twice.

Yep. After 13 miles of exquisite beauty in bear country, AKA Glacier National Park we got back to our camp at Many Glacier and realized that Don's phone was nowhere to be found. So day 2 we went up again. But at least there is a good story behind it.

What we've been up to - Backpacking Tuck and Robin Lakes

Backpacking Tuck & Robin Lakes 

There is nothing like summers in Washington State! Don came back in August and we packed in as many adventures as we could, starting with hiking 16 miles into the backcountry in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness at Tuck and Robin Lakes.

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Meet ME in Phuket HE SAID

I was living in Seattle at the time. He was traveling solo in Southeast Asia. I saw his Facebook post asking for a travel partner and a week later I was on a one-way flight to Phuket, Thailand. No cell service + an interesting cab ride for 800 thb I had arrived!




Travel With Us

We're on the move and we want to take your brand with us! If you would like to collaborate or start a project with us, please get in touch. We love nothing more than getting to work and be creative while we are traveling the world together... whether that's with Product Photography, Social Media, Ice Cream Flavor Invention, or any other out of this world idea you want to bring to life. We got you!


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