This Weekend Did Not Suck: Memorial Day 2017

This Weekend Did Not Suck: Memorial Day 2017

With no plans for Memorial Day weekend, I started to come down with the blues on Friday. I was missing my man and feeling like I was going to have the worst Memorial Day Staycation while all my friends were out and about. What cured these sad thoughts? BEING OUTSIDE. and realizing how grateful I am to be living exactly how I am currently.

Using Instagram To Help Your Travel Bug


Using Instagram to help with your Travel Bug

How often do you use the mapper in Instagram?

I highly recommend you find some of your favorite 'grammers and look at there maps. I promise it will encourage you to start building your own! With a trip plan in the works in June... I am excited to add more to mine. My USA map is pretty pathetic... but I just can't rationalize spending $500+ to go to the east coast when that money can get me to another country.

It's save to say I have the travel bug right now. Now the important question... Costa Rica or Hawaii?

Some of my travel-lust are thanks to these ladies:

@missholldoll - Currently in Thailand! This amazing lady has photos from all over the PNW and beyond, and writes about it adventures at mymountaintherapy.com

@youngadventuress - I got to meet the one and old Liz in New Zealand last year! Her travels never stop on her blog missadventuress.com


Raglan, NZ Reminiscing

Raglan, NZ Reminiscing

If you ever find yourself exploring the North Island of New Zealand, please promise me you will visit my favorite town I ever stumbled into. Raglan was one of those places that wasn't on my "plan" when I was mapping out where I wanted to travel to, but I'm so glad I ended up here. We spent a weekend filled with Good George Beer, Fish and Chips Takeaways, and new card games.

New Zealand Feelin: Avalanche Peak

New Zealand Feelin: Avalanche Peak

If you can't tell, I'm missing travel like crazy. I would give almost anything to be back in the southern alps with these stunning views. #newzealandfeelin is something I wanted to start for adventurers of all stages to collect inspiration for future travels, or if you just want to relive your favorite memories. Share with me your favorite photos and help cure my wanderlust. 🙏🏼