Our Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip that Demands a Redo (Thanks Snowpocalypse 2019)

Our Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip that Demands a Redo (Thanks Snowpocalypse 2019)

We drove out of Seattle’s Snowpocalypse to escape to some warm hot springs in Idaho. We visited Gold Folk Hot Springs, Weir Hot Springs and Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. Thankfully the road to Gold Fork is pretty well-plowed so the snow didn’t make it too difficult to get up 4 miles. Admission is 10 dollars—make sure to bring cash! They have four different pools, with the top being the hottest around 108°. The sun even came out for a bit here, and we soaked until I turned into a Raison and we headed back to McCall for some lunch at Southside Grill.

2015, What A Year It Shall Be.


I hope everyone had a lovely new years! I got the pleasure of spending the night with two great people. I am really glad that we left the house party we were at to go to Gas Works Park. We scored with parking and got there at up the hill by 11:45, where people were lighting Chinese lanterns. I was too chilly to take many photos, but Stella captured this one!

I have to say, I have come to love the holidays more and more each year. Christmas was so laid back and it was so nice being able to relax at home. I got to spend it with my nieces and nephews, and that little Bengal angel of mine. 

Lazzara is now two years old and is growing into her ears a lot more than this photo I found when we first got her.


She is quite the little chatter box still, which I am grateful for. Has anyone had any experiences with having multiple bengals in one household? Our other boy cat moved out after Lazzara turned one. He didn't seem to want to share the space so he left to a neighbors house and is now content where he's at.

Here is my first adventure of the year. We hit golden hour at a whopping 3:45 pm in Snohomish where we found some mud. It was chilly but we captured some really amazing shots!


Shooting Sunrise on Camano Island

Just because it's December does not mean one must stay inside– unless you still have been procrastinating putting up a Christmas tree. (*raised hand emojii) Thursday night I reached out to a fellow loyal instagrammer and we decided we'd go shoot sunrise up north. It was my first experience meeting up with a stranger at dark, as well as walking through the woods, but i'm happy to report I am still alive! ;) IMG_6106 (1)IMG_6115 (1)

This is Calvin Blond! Check out his instagram for moody, epic landscape photography and coffee! He took the shot of the baby doe who didn't want to eat the apple I tried to give him/her.

We drove around Camano Island and decided to head east–I was craving mountains after Wednesday's adventure up at Index Wall (blog post to come). We found a family of deer, fog, and some great views up by Pilchuck.

IMG_6168IMG_6125 (1) My fancy new Timberland boots, that I FOUND AT VALUE VILLAGE. <333

IMG_6157 (1)  IMG_6262  IMG_6283

and because you made it till the end, take away my one phrase to live by:

adventure always vsco

7 Photos that will get you ready for winter in the PNW.

Baby it's cold outside... and I am loving every second of it! Last week I drove up with Mio and Dexter (The adorable miniature Australian Shepard mix with an Instagram) to Lake Diablo, only this time we actually found the lookout! (Stay tuned for a reflections post on our first time up there.) The sun had already set behind the mountains, making for some beautiful tones on the water. lake diablo perspective north cascades


dexter and his backpack

north cascades

The north cascades in all their grandeur.

stella rudge neff beanies

Now for those of you who don't know me, don't know this little plum of mine either. Stella and I have grown up taking photos together, whether it's adventuring around in a golf cart in Kalama, WA or jumping in and out of the car for roadside attractions. These were taken on Mountain Loop Highway, where we found this freezing lake that we had to trekk through.

bundled up stella  red

trees lights bokah

Now that snow has fallen in town I am expecting my instagram feed to turn white, and I have to say I am beyond ready for this holiday season. Be sure to follow me for updated adventures! @hellofrankenbery