Shooting Sunrise on Camano Island

Just because it's December does not mean one must stay inside– unless you still have been procrastinating putting up a Christmas tree. (*raised hand emojii) Thursday night I reached out to a fellow loyal instagrammer and we decided we'd go shoot sunrise up north. It was my first experience meeting up with a stranger at dark, as well as walking through the woods, but i'm happy to report I am still alive! ;) IMG_6106 (1)IMG_6115 (1)

This is Calvin Blond! Check out his instagram for moody, epic landscape photography and coffee! He took the shot of the baby doe who didn't want to eat the apple I tried to give him/her.

We drove around Camano Island and decided to head east–I was craving mountains after Wednesday's adventure up at Index Wall (blog post to come). We found a family of deer, fog, and some great views up by Pilchuck.

IMG_6168IMG_6125 (1) My fancy new Timberland boots, that I FOUND AT VALUE VILLAGE. <333

IMG_6157 (1)  IMG_6262  IMG_6283

and because you made it till the end, take away my one phrase to live by:

adventure always vsco