Spending Summer in the PNW: Tuck and Robin Lakes MUST-DO

I swear my life is moving in hyper speed. Summer felt like it was just yesterday.

I am just now getting to enjoy the fall leaves and larches, but I owe it to myself to wrap up these amazing adventures that Don and I had before he flew to Europe–without me this time around! If you are looking for some ideas on how to spend your summer with your significant other, look no further!

Take a Backpacking Trip

When my boyfriend came home in August, we knew we were going to be busy. We had to soak up the amazing weather, so for our birthdays we went to Tuck and Robin Lakes for two nights. I went there back in 2015, but really overestimated it this time around! Luckily, we made it and we're greeted with the most amazing campsite right next to the water. (The bugs liked it just as much as we did... haha)

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Attend a concert or festival

We went to few concerts this summer, including The End SummerCamp 2017, which was the best because it was at Marymoor Park! I love love love this venue and it get's even better when the hot sun goes down. Before Don got here I volunteered here to educate concert-goers on how to properly recycle and compost!  If you volunteer to stand for a few short hours by a compost bin you get to enjoy the rest of the show FOR FREE–I got to finally see Iration and Slightly Stoopid! Did you guys know that the beer and wine cups there that LOOK like plastic are actually made out of corn?! They are 100% compostable! I highly recommend getting your best friend or significant other and sign up for a date next summer, check out and apply here!

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We got to see Andrew McMahon, New Politics and our favorite... Sir Sly! They we're so amazing live!

Andrew McMahon at Marymoor Park

Our other concert highlights this summer were Bumbershoot and High and Low Fest in San Bernadino, CA! This one I remember slightly less... and I blame the heat and the $16 Michaladas (That were WAY TOO GOOD) 

Favorite live acts were Big Sean, COIN, Lorde, Brand New, Weezer, and FLO RIDA.

Bumbershoot 2017 with Don
Bumbershoot Seattle 2017

I still owe it to ourselves to post about our AMAZING 8-day cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Costa Maya, and the Bahamas, but that will come later! Only one more week till I start the next chapter of this adventurous season!


Thanksgiving home in WA, then fly to LA

Roadtrip to Utah, Zion National Park, Texas, NOLA... Finally!

Holidays in Florida


Flying to Paris for all of January

It's going to be one heck of an adventure. We can't wait to share it all on our vlog that we are starting on YouTube... please subscribe by clicking here!

Seriously can't thank you enough for supporting our travels by reading our blog. If you have any recommendations on where we should go or people we should connect with, please get in touch or leave a comment below!