Aeriel Yoga and Sauk Mountain Celebrating Sweet Wildfire-free Summer Nineteen

I am currently sitting bundled up in my burrito blanket that Dillon got me for my birthday, setting intentions for the rest of the season and wanting to share some of the hikes I’ve done so far this summer.


summer in washington 2019-adventures - 15.jpg
summer in washington 2019-adventures - 16.jpg

This summer has been a little… sleepy. I think the grey skies and working completely from home again has made me a little less aware and active. 26 came and went and along with it went my health, dental and vision benefits. Gotta love being an adult! I’ve been trying to stay motivated this week, signing up at Bent Yoga in Everett, and buying some new books i’ve been meaning to read. They are:

  • Becoming, Michelle Obama

  • Being Mortal, Atul Gawande

  • City of Girls, Elizabeth Gilbert

As we get older, I think birthdays become less of an ordeal. Rather than go out drinking with all my friends this year I planned an aerial yoga class at Flight Room Ballard, where we all got to try something new by swinging in silk hammocks. I love getting to try new things and when you have friends to do them with there really is no better way to spend a birthday!