Snow in the PNW: Hiking to Lake Serene and Mount Storm King with Instagram Friends

Snow always seems to grace us here in the PNW in February. Last week I was a busy girl hiking to Lake 22, Lake Serene, and Mount Storm King. So here’s a quick little post catching up on all my adventures around here in Washington since I moved back from Portland.

Have a day without rain in the forecast? These hikes are great to dayhike, even in the winter!

I love hiking during the wintertime. The trails are less crowded, the bugs aren’t eating me alive, and the sky just seems like it glows differently (Perhaps from the lack on wildfires… PRAYING for a clear-ish summer.) Last week my friend Veronika, @wanderingbackpack on instagram, heard I moved back so we planned to reunite over a hike! We hit up Goodwill in Monroe and scored on some new Zella leggings for $10, stocked up on snacks and we set off to Highway 2 where we hiked 8.2 miles to Lake Serene.

hiking lake serene in the snow with wanderingbackpack-2.jpg

Lake Serene

8.2 miles roundtrip
2000 ft of gain
check full hike description on wta

This one was surprisingly popular even in the mid-winter… but I blame myself for us getting a late start. Veronika is QUEEN at shooting sunrises, be sure to follow her account for some dreamy travel-lust.

We made sure to bring along our yak-tracks and crampons and were glad to pull them out on the last .4 stretch where it got super icy. We made it to Lunch Rock to snap some photos and came down to some beautiful fog before we got back to our car and headed back to Monroe.

hiking lake serene in the snow with wanderingbackpack-1.jpg

The following weekend I got to see my friend Kelly, @kellll_bell89 on instagram, and we drove to the Olympics where we set off to tackle Mt. Storm King. Sadly, the weather didn’t want to cooperate with us, and the top was completely socked in. Still, the forest was showing off for us and we had an amazing meal at Next Door Gastropub in Port Angeles. Probably my newest favorite restaurant, and of course it has to be hundreds of miles away from my house.

Mount Storm King

4.0 miles roundtrip
2065 feet of elevation gain (yeah… twice as short, just as much gain. PHEW.)
see full hike description on wta

Both of these hikes are challenging in their own right, but for me personally I’d rather have a greater gain than longer hike. The top is very rewarding… when it’s not socked in. Granted I practiced taking more photos along the hike vs at the top. I really like how these moody shots turned out!

Some view we got huh? Oh well, can’t win em all.

Here’s the best view after over 5000 ft of gain in the last week:

Bloody Mary's at Next Door Gastropub in Port Angeles. YUM.

Bloody Mary's at Next Door Gastropub in Port Angeles. YUM. Be sure to check them out next time you adventure over to the olympics! Also.also.also… never be afraid to DM someone on instagram and invite them along your next hike. I am so lucky to have met so many incredible humans through the app. Follow along some of my recent trips on my personal insta, @hellofrankenbery

Till next time!