Huacachina, A Desert Oasis in Peru


Is this Place a desert oasis or just a mirage?

The Place That Can't Be Real: Huacachina Peru Desert

We saw the beautiful photos of this oasis in the middle of the desert and thought to ourselves: ‘is this real? Is this photoshopped?’ After quite a bit of insta-stalking and research we discovered that it is indeed real and was possible to visit in 24 hours when in Peru. We had just spent a week trekking in Peru and Crystal, Stacey and I were definitely were ready for some relaxation, so we flew back to Lima to start the journey to Huacachina! First off…

how the heck do you get there?

Once we arrived at the Lima airport we were pretty flustered trying to figure out where to go— they don’t have a bus terminal! Once we figured out that Cruz Del Sur is the bus that will get you first to Ica and then to Huacachina, we flagged down a taxi to take us. Check out the map below to see where you need to get to after landing at Jorge Chávez International Airport.

Do yourself a favor while you have airport WiFi and order an UBER to the bus station from Lima instead of taking a taxi! (You have 30 minutes free wifi so be efficient when ordering one!) Once you get to the bus terminal you will want to purchase a ticket to Ica!

Uber from Lima Airport to: Cruz Del Sur Javier Prado Bus Terminal – Ica

Bus cost: Around $15

Bus time: 4-5 Hours

Once your bus has made it to Ica you will have to take a cab into Huacachina, aka the desert oasis! Tip: Barter with a cab guy out front. Cab cost shouldn't be more than $10.

We were dropped off at our cute little hostel. This place had great food, was clean, and very inexpensive! Also has access to an outdoor pool… with a bar… with Pisco Sours! 

ecocamp-pool at desert nights huacachina.jpg

Where to stay: Desert Nights Hostel

Hostel cost: $15 USD

So now we have just over 24 hours! So, what to do? We got there just after sunset so it was already too dark to climb to the dunes. After we checked into the hostel, we ate massive amounts of food at the hostel roof top bar. The food portions are huge and VERY inexpensive. It was also happy hour so BOGO specials on drinks. Pisco sours for everyone!

We wandered around to some cute shops and went to bed early so we could get up early and watch the sunrise! After the epic sunrise on the cliffs, we took a nap because… this is vacation people! We woke up and got breakfast at the hostel! There aren’t a ton of food options here so I recommend the restaurant. They had a great breakfast!

Next on the Agenda: Sandboarding and Dune Buggies

We walked around until we ran into someone with the best rate! We did a 2 hour tour and it was only $10 each, score! You do have to pay to tip your driver so keep some $ for him! 

Our ride was a lot of fun! When we got out to sand-board our guide took some epic photos for us! We also ate a lot of sand for lunch, but it was definitely worth it.


Desert Nights Pool 

We finished the last few hours in this oasis soaking up the sun at the pool. The most important advice I can give you is to drink all the pisco sours and enjoy your trip! We certainly did!

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