How I Got Started Traveling (Female Solo Style!)

When I graduated a year early from Seattle University in 2014, I told myself I was going to take the whole following year to travel the world like so many people do... but I was working at Apple at the time and found myself so happy with my job that it took a while to make that push to go anywhere. I was scared to travel by myself, a little intimidated to go to a country that doesn't speak English as their main language, and also wondered if I was missing out on starting my career as a freelance designer.

But I pushed all that worry aside and did it anyways.

I decided on New Zealand, and on Jan 1st 2015, I finally booked a flight, where I spent 60 days backpacking and falling in love with the mountains.

I found myself spending the next two years spending every free second I had outside, went back to working at Apple, quit again, but this time to see if I was good enough to make it in Graphic Design. I became the lead designer at Stash Hotel Rewards and starting building my own freelance client base.

The start of 2017 was a whole new experience because this time, I knew how good it felt to go somewhere, and I was in DESPERATE need to do that. I booked a one way flight to Thailand, where I met up with Don Henson. 

Fastforward a year later, and we're both sticking it to the man– living month to month in a different country. First up, a month in Paris. Next we head to Prague where we will be renting a car and getting back to what I love most–making adventures in the mountains. Travel is a wonderful gift.

And I've learned A LOT.

Like how much I appreciate a greeting from someone you don't know and being able to strike up a conversation (Something my best friend Jen taught me that I found to truly adore. If only I knew every language...)

How traveling is so different from vacationing. "Genuine traveling requires an absolute passion for it, vacationing just requires your money." (words made famous by this beauty)

And how each time I visit a new place... I become more thankful of home. To my lovely, wonderful beautiful Pacific Northwest. The mountains. My family. My friends <3 I wish I could take it all with me wherever I go.

I started writing this to share all the places we've been, but it's kind of turned into sharing the people I love. Whoops.