How I Got Started Traveling (Female Solo Style!)

When I graduated a year early from Seattle University in 2014, I told myself I was going to take the whole following year to travel the world like so many people do... but I was working at Apple at the time and found myself so happy with my job that it took a while to make that push to go anywhere. I was scared to travel by myself, a little intimidated to go to a country that doesn't speak English as their main language, and also wondered if I was missing out on starting my career as a freelance designer.

But I pushed all that worry aside and did it anyways.

I decided on New Zealand, and on Jan 1st 2015, I finally booked a flight, where I spent 60 days backpacking and falling in love with the mountains.

I found myself spending the next two years spending every free second I had outside, went back to working at Apple, quit again, but this time to see if I was good enough to make it in Graphic Design. I became the lead designer at Stash Hotel Rewards and starting building my own freelance client base.

The start of 2017 was a whole new experience because this time, I knew how good it felt to go somewhere, and I was in DESPERATE need to do that. I booked a one way flight to Thailand, where I met up with a friend, who became my boyfriend, and now ex-boyfriend. 

We traveled to over 11 countries together, lived in Paris and Prague. Rented a car and zipped around Austria and Germany, making adventures in the mountains. Explored Athens and Santorini and went on two cruises around the Caribbean. Travel is a wonderful gift. I learned so much from that relationship and really redefined what I need in my life to be happy.

OVERALL, I've learned A LOT.

Like how much I appreciate a greeting from someone you don't know and being able to strike up a conversation.

How traveling is so different from vacationing. Genuine traveling requires an absolute passion for it, vacationing just requires your money.

And how each time I visit a new place... I become more thankful of home. To my lovely, wonderful beautiful Pacific Northwest. The mountains. My family. My friends <3 I wish I could take it all with me wherever I go.

After living in Europe and then Portland, I came back to Washington state and got a job at Microsoft, and as of right now I have a trip to Australia planned for December. It’s all about balance, and I have come to learn that I can’t be traveling to a new country every month. So as I am currently in saving mode, I try to use my free time wisely, in the mountains enjoying this lovely PNW summer.

Until next time.