Girls Just Want To Hike Mountains

"Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun,

Oh girls they wanna have fun."


Goat Lake | 10.4 Miles Roundtrip

This hike was a perfect 'collect your friends and go spend a day outdoors' kind of day. With the first 4 miles being a relatively flat trail, we were able to laugh and joke our way up to this lake, celebrating with Birthday Cake Oreos, Honey Whiskey, Champagne... Hard Seltzer... Beer...

You get the idea.

The trail splits into Upper and Lower Elliot. We took the lower route back down where Annie met a mud puddle: (there were a lot of them on this route)

Falling at Goat Lake

But hey - nothing a little Mexican food can't cure!

Playa Bonita
playa bonita model

So happy to be able to have these bad-ass ladies in my life. Can you believe I met them all through Instagram? I am already planning an overnight/sleepover in the mountains for my birthday in August.

Really content with how this summer has already shown me so much happiness.

The Babes:

Karli aka "six ft. queeeeeeeeeen" @karlilindor


Annie aka "birthday girl meets mud puddle" @annniegirl


Marie aka "I can't stop laughing" @xmiss_marie


Erin aka "swift kick in the sweet pants" @erin.noelle1


Maria aka "I literally can NOT EVEN" @maria.ftee


You guys inspire me to be amazing.