Kayaking On South Lake Union

I've been hearing a lot about how SLU – or South Lake Union as some know it better, is the next up and coming area in Seattle. While its currently developing as an Urban Center with over 10 new buildings over 20+ stories tall, I've stuck to visiting my favorite spots in this area– Art Marble, MOHAI & South Lake Union Park.

If you're looking for a quick fun stop to explore the water that connects Downtown Seattle and Gas Works Park, try out this kayaking adventure with a few friends in South Lake Union!

moss-bay-kayaking-south-lake-union - 6

If it weren't for this development, my newly-found-mountain-friend Kayla might have never moved here with her man who is working right in the middle of it all. Last week we took a day off real life to go try out Moss Bay Kayaking with her Dachshund Mya.


First off, Fuel up

I parked my car for our adventure up the road in a parking garage next to our lunch spot, Lunchbox Laboratory. They have a yelp deal for happy hour priced cocktails. I was brave and tried cow tongue sopas, while Kayla opted in for classic mac and greens.

Plan Accordingly

I wasn't able to find any free parking near Moss Bay, and they will apparently tow your car if you don't pay. It makes sense to plan for 2-3 hours even if you're only renting for an hour... you never know how long your expedition will take!

moss-bay-kayaking-south-lake-union - 7

moss-bay-kayaking-south-lake-union - 1 (2)

Enjoy the waves

The water was surprisingly pleasant. We brought along a GoPro to be able to fully capture the adventure. They do supply water safe bags that you can store your stuff in, but I know how clumsy I am, so I opted in to leave my camera at home. Glad there were a few photos snapped from this day, it was definitely a fun day! <3

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