National Josh Geb Day

You know when you meet a bunch of new people you instantly like and want to immediately become friends with? I met a lot of those kind of humans last weekend for some birthday celebrations,

National Josh Geb Day.

joshgeb-bday - 1



Josh got his own geofilter for snapchat, how freaking cool is that? We celebrated at Saint Helens Cafe in University District and had unlimited mimosas (See snapchat above for proof), the most amazing tasting hamburger ever, and took to the photo booth that was set up, courtesy of The Snap Bar. Here are some of my favorites that I had to save from our boozy brunch.

The-SnapBar-189-X2The-SnapBar-302-X2The-SnapBar-290-X2The-SnapBar-244-X2  The-SnapBar-192-X2 The-SnapBar-242-X2    The-SnapBar-369-X2

If you haven't been to a recent wedding or party with a Photo Booth, make your own! Check out my post on our homemade photobooth here.