Using Instagram To Help Your Travel Bug


Using Instagram to help with your Travel Bug

How often do you use the mapper in Instagram?

I highly recommend you find some of your favorite 'grammers and look at there maps. I promise it will encourage you to start building your own! With a trip plan in the works in June... I am excited to add more to mine. My USA map is pretty pathetic... but I just can't rationalize spending $500+ to go to the east coast when that money can get me to another country.

It's save to say I have the travel bug right now. Now the important question... Costa Rica or Hawaii?

Some of my travel-lust are thanks to these ladies:

@missholldoll - Currently in Thailand! This amazing lady has photos from all over the PNW and beyond, and writes about it adventures at

@youngadventuress - I got to meet the one and old Liz in New Zealand last year! Her travels never stop on her blog