Raglan, NZ Reminiscing


I'm not gonna lie, this 7-day forecast of rain and gloom is hitting me hard. I love fuzzy socks and oversized cozy sweaters as much as the next girl, but I am getting impatient waiting for warm summer nights and for my friends to come out of hibernation mode (Something that typically occurs here between the month of November-March.) I was scrolling through my Photos Library and came upon the warm sunny Raglan photos at the start of my trip last year. What I wouldn't give to go back here. Right. Now.

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If you ever find yourself exploring the North Island of New Zealand, please promise me you will visit my favorite town I ever stumbled into. Raglan was one of those places that wasn't on my "plan" when I was mapping out where I wanted to travel to, but I'm so glad I ended up here, many thanks to my free spirited best-best-best friend, Abbie. We met up with Steve and Ryan for a weekend filled with Good George Beer, Fish and Chips Takeaways, and  new card games. Friend Tip: Show me a new game and win a piece of my heart forever.

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It was in this adorable little surf town that I found Three Little Birds, a shop filled with delectable little treasures just waiting to be gobbled up. Tony, originally from Jamaica, owns this little charming place and I got to spend an entire week working on their social marketing, running around the town with a beautiful Canadian gal taking photos of the clothes and accessories sold there.

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If you ever find yourself in this little gem of a town:

  • Try surfing
  • Hit up Mt. Karioi
  • Make friends with the locals + travellers
  • Enjoy as much brunch as you possibly can
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