Backpacking Spider Gap (And Avoiding Heatstroke!)

Spider Meadows / Spider Gap

14 miles

7100 ft.

I experienced such vast beauty this weekend which was packed full of glaciers, meadows, extreme hammocking, and… a flat tire. (But I’ll get to that)

Friday evening Eddie and I made the decision to pack and head east after work. Mind you, by the time we got everything together and made our pre-adventure stop at taco time it was about 11 PM. I snoozed while we made it to the Phelps Creek Trailhead at about 2:30 AM. We pitched our tent to get some sleep (surprisingly the best in my life camping) and made our way to Spider Meadows. Eddie did some bouldering while I took in this beautiful place. We put flowers in my hair and took a little mid-day snooze in my favorite accessory. My hammock comes with me WHEREVER there are trees. I’m seriously addicted to finding new places that are higher and better than the last.

spider-gap-meadows - 14.jpg

We let the blazing sun sink behind the mountains before we enjoyed the 2nd part of the hike up to Spider Gap. Found a little spot to put up the tent and ate some Mexican fajita rice and tuna… at this point, I was craving a nice cold pina colada but I settled for some cold-ish Pino Grigio and lovely conversation.

We specifically made a small breakfast so we had plenty of room for our usual stop at La Hacienda in Gold Bar. The jeep got a flat and we had to endure Sunday Highway 2 traffic… but I swear it made those pina coladas taste even better.