Home, Sweet Home. (Back Home from New Zealand)

Wow it's been too long since I've jumped on here. Looking back to when I first started this page I had no idea how the blog platform worked other than posting a few photos and typing some captions. More than a year later I have designed website for some awesome clients, graduated from college, and started my spark of traveling the world.milford sound, NZ Routeburn track, Conical Hill, New Zealand Kepler Track, The Great Walk in New Zealand  

Anyways, I am switching to a new style that I hope will take off to something exciting. Follow along at Hello Adventure Co.


Upcoming are some excellent posts of my two months in New Zealand, (I have notes upon notes that I have been collecting over there waiting for decent wifi) and my spontaneous trip to Cali.

After that...



WA Coast/Olympic Range



(You could say I have the bug.)

Thank you guys for being so patient, good stuff is on the way. Perhaps after I rid my closet of all the extras that didn't fit into my backpack for the last 8 weeks. (Inspired by this article and the wonderful creation of the minimalist fashion blog that is un-fancy.)