Olympic Peninsula

I have had such a relaxing spring break so far. Abbie and I met up with my friend Chuck. This man knows how to take portraits, let me tell you. (Don't take my word for it, check out his blog.) We took the ferry to Kingston and drove passed Port Angles up to Hurricane Ridge. We had a beautiful 17 mile drive up the mountain road with plenty of places to stop and appreciate the scenery. IMG_8226 IMG_2289 IMG_8250


We weren't quite ready to wrap up our trip, so we looked up other nearby places and I discovered the most WONDERFUL tool. WTA (Washington Trail Association) has an app that allows you to access trip reports and nearby trails and parks. I am still getting to know our beautiful landscape and I love how it lets you see what trails people are using in the early weeks of spring. I can't wait to cross off some hikes as the seasons warm up.

Diablo Lake (check)

Rattlesnake Ridge (check check check, lol)



We did however, found a place that I've never heard of.

Lake Aldwell.

Found on Elwha River, this spot has changed drastically over the past two years. With the removal of the dam, there is not much running water– revealing what used to be at the bottom of the lake: hundreds of axed tree stumps. It allowed for some really great shots.

IMG_2322 IMG_2326  IMG_8284 IMG_8303 IMG_8318 IMG_8332 IMG_8359 IMG_8362 IMG_8379 IMG_8394


Stay tuned for more photos as the week continues!

If anyone has any suggestions, please share!