This Evening

Was the greatest. (My posts seem to always have that opening statement, but I swear something about this night...) It was such a reward to be done with school today and just RELAX. I feel like it was the first night since we got back from Montana that we actually got a break. He got his apartment cleaned up while I set up his new bathroom stuff we got him. I wish we took before photos but just picture this:


ha ha. Anyways here are the after pictures of the new setup! Shower curtain from Target.

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Once the bathroom was done, I got to experience GrubHub. Basically, any metro area has people that will deliver food to you. So lets say you were craving thai and italian, they will go to each restaurant pick it up and deliver it right to you. THE BEST. Sorry for the kinda of blurry iPhone photos– I was in a rush to eat : ) Going to finish this evening off with fleece blankets and Dexter. It's crazy that January is already basically over. It's making summer seem like it's in the distant future. I can't wait.