Sushi + Candy Cane Lane + Hot Cocoa

Yeah, I have to say this one blew me out of the water. My friend Mio and I were feeling the holiday spirit this season. (Something I am NOT used to, I live for sunshine.) Here's a picture of his christmas tree: IMG_5569

I'm recently new to Sushi, and have been telling my friends I've wanted to try it. Now I can't get enough of it, favorites so far being Japonessa down on 1st Ave and the place he took me to, Sushi Kappo Tamura in East Lake. I'd like to consider myself having  a good eye for design, and I have to say that the food was subpar to the actual restaurant itself. The atmosphere, sushi bar, and not to mention how the menus were placed in relation to the plateware all made me giddy. Definitely recommending trying the Salmon Skin Roll.


The next part of the evening was a surprise. I was not told where we were going but I got a clue to dress up warm. (Challenge Accepted.) We drive with Michael Bublé's Christmas Album playing nice and loud. And then hit traffic.

But no worries! Apparently it was all apart of the plan. We end up walking up to a childhood memory of mine, Candy Cane Lane. Are these local, or are they found everywhere? I know there is a spot up North as well. Anywhoo, it was not as grand as I recall as a child, but it was a very adorable surprise. Wrapped up the night with watching Love Actually and drinking Hot Chocolate and IPA. Very Classy ; )