Reviewing the Past: Seaside

A tourist trap you have to experience just for the swing sets on the beaches. I haven't found a better place. (but i'm all ears!) DSC_0011

Probably the funniest memories ever captured was when we went on this ride that is on the main road in town with his niece and we were trying to make funny pictures at his mom. I think it's important to do play the tourist at least once in your life. Who wants to be that person who finds the worst in things?


Also got some great exercise longboarding down the boardwalk. (Clearly) exploring in the photo below.


As a side note, I have to admit I was in the worst shape in my life at this stage in my relationship! Looking back at all these photos is hard but whats amazing is the progress both I and Miles has gone through!

Left, Summer 2011. Right Spring of 2013 (not exactly sure what we were doing in the candid on the right! He's gotten even more in shape since this, meanwhile I still have some more work to go!)

DSC_0134 IMG_2828