Reviewing the Past: Concerts

I apologize in advanced, as this post may be slightly text-heavy. Music sparks my firey side in that aspect. Ask anyone who knows me personally (ESPECIALLY my parents...) and they would probably agree that I spend the majority of my money on two things.

  • Tattoos
  • & Concerts.

What I love about shows is you are doing something that is actually helping real people. Example being one day I decided a trip to Seattle was in order. After Milo got off work I practically threw him in my car, grabbed some Panda Express (His favorite, obviously before we decided to start eating healthier) and showed up at one of our favorite venues, El Corazon, for its intimate size and wide variety of music genres. I don't even remember who we saw that night but it was perceived they were playing for immediate family and friends, and really appreciated our support of attending. If you have a smaller venue in your city, pick the most unknown band line up you see on their calendar and attend. From experience in dating an audio engineer (Website can be seen here) I really have a better understanding on how much time goes into creating actual music. (You know, the kind of people that call themselves a band, with real instruments.)

Before there was such a thing as Paradiso and Summer Jam at the Gorge, Warped Tour was an event of its own that topped the list of things to accomplish during the summer. It's pretty sad to see the comparison to a picture from warped tour and that of an EDM festival.

But then again everyone at Warped is all down in the pit going hard ; )


Anyways, my aim here is not to harp on EDM whatsoever. That is a fun topic of it's own to experience with friends, and I'll probably make a post about it in the future. My heart will always lie with punk rock music. What can I say. I miss these times.


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