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There is a common ground we walk on– we all love to travel and tell stories. What started as a ‘lifestyle ideablog’ back in 2014, Hello Adventure Co is now a collective of adventures from people around the US who became friends on instagram and never looked back.


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The best adventures are sometimes the most unexpected.

Everyone brings a special ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ when it comes to telling a story. We live crazy lifestyles. We love yoga, the outdoors, experiencing new cultures. And most of all, we all live in different areas of the world. Have an adventure or a story you want to tell? Get in touch.


Crystal Frankenbery

Crystal Frankenbery is a graphic designer originating from Seattle, WA. She specializes in branding and web design, and aspires to be a crazy-cat lady with lots of plants. In all seriousness, she loves capturing photos of her friends having fun in the wilderness,

Passions | Hammocking, doodling in travel journals, backpacking

Tools | Canon 70D, GoPro Hero 6, iPhone X

First Travel Experience | Disneyland… duh.

Favorite Country | New Zealand

Best Travel Experience | Hanging with kids in Peru

Worst Travel Experience | Monkey stealing my wallet in Thailand

Favorite Food | Chillequiles, Chips and Salsa

maria treen (maria.ftee) yoga traveler seatte wa.png

Maria Treen

Maria is a small-town girl from Upstate NY who left in 2015 and has been traveling ever since. She loves immersing herself in the culture of each new adventure and looks forward to this becoming her reality and muse for creativity.

Passions | Yoga, sports, videography

Tools | Freefly systems; Movi & iPhone 8 Plus, GoPro Hero 5

First Travel Experience | Road-tripping NY–Miami–Seattle

Favorite Country | Peru

Best Travel Experience | First time out of the US to Bali 

Worst Travel Experience | Food poisoning abroad

Favorite Food | New York slice of pizza

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